People Who Took Irony To An Entirely Different Level


The irony is a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result. Although we’ll likely never understand everything about the world around us. What we do know is that it’s full of some pretty hilarious moments, some of the funniest being moments of irony like the ones you see below which take the word ‘ironic’ to new heights.


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  1. 1 More like a taunt

  2. 2 Old times!

  3. 3 And we are not blind

  4. 4 Still wants freedom

  5. 5 No! Really?

  6. 6 Gravity

  7. 7 Cockroaches are not healthy, are they?

  8. 8 College of vice versa

  9. 9 Change your quotes

  10. 10 I'm sure this library has two opposite minded owners.

  11. 11 Unbreakable

  12. 12 A perfectly helpful book

  13. 13 Destructive!

  14. 14 And what about NY?

  15. 15 Decide yourself!

  16. 16 Happy Earth Day

  17. 17 Cool everyone is different now

  18. 18 Explaining quality

  19. 19 This is birds repeller

  20. 20 He needs to learn English with his students

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