Bizarre Rules In North Korea That’ll Make You Happy You’re Not Living There


Every country has its rules and regulations that seem normal or a bit weird. But North Korea has a long list of highly strange and weird rules. In recent years, North Korea got exposed a few from many of their bizarre rules.

  1. 1 North Korea has only three TV channels where they always watch their own country's issues.

  2. 2 North Korea has dead president as their Kim Jong IL has died and he's still their president.

  3. 3 On the death of Kim Jong IL, an event was held where each and every person of country had to come and cry otherwise they'd be put into the cell for 6 months.

  4. 4 According to 'Three Generation of Punishment' rule, if a person commit a crime he'd be punished along with his other two generations like his son and grandson

  5. 5 All men and women should only cut their hair according to 28 government approved hairstyles!

  6. 6 You need an approval from the government to live in the capital as they want only rich, successful and powerful people to make it their home.

  7. 7 Parents who send their kids to schools are expected to provide desks, chairs, building materials

  8. 8 Owning or keeping religious books is crime

  9. 9 No iPhones, TV and laptops from the aforementioned brands for the North Koreans! Very little is known of their electronics and technology industry, as the government’s isolation policies don’t reveal much.

  10. 10 For tourists, even if it’s a Lonely Planet guidebook, it would be confiscated during the security check. Therefore, if you’re a tourist, all your music, television, films and written material would be checked before and only then would you be let in.

  11. 11 North Koreans has nothing to do with internet. Actually internet is not available in South Korea. If someone wants to access internet they need government permissions. A few number of South Koreans use internet and their internet browsing is being checked by government.

  12. 12 Calling in other countries is not allowed. In 2013, a North Korean was killed on the orders of government for calling his South Korean friend.

  13. 13 Fast food like Pizza and Burgers are not available in South Korea except in it's capital.

  14. 14 Watching South Korean or any other countries' movies is like a crime in North Korea.

  15. 15 Talking about government is not allowed. In case you get caught talking about government you will be sent in an educational camp and taught not to talk about government publicly.

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