Odd Jobs You Never Knew Existed


If you’re looking for a high-paying job, don’t overlook some of the oddest ones. Some are as strange as they sound.Sometimes the strangest and most obscure jobs can be the highest paying.

  1. 1 Dog Food Taster

    And not only dog food but bones, tinned meat, and dog biscuits. Yuck. How could you compare this food or these bones to other brands unless you..yuck. Dog food anyone?

  2. 2 Watching Paint Dry

    Watching Paint dry has got to be almost as lucrative as watching grass grow, but some companies will pay you to do it. If the companies want to make sure that the paint is durable as it dries, they will literally pay you to sit and watch it.

  3. 3 Rollercoaster Painter

    Like heights and a challenge? This job certainly has both. You have to work well in all types of weather, and have a background in paint including using different coating systems. This is the job for anyone that likes DIY and spending time outdoors.

  4. 4 Sleep Professional

    Sleep,for work, is this real life? It turns out, it is. Professional sleepers do just that, sleep. All the while scientists conduct research on sleep disorders. Talk about the most comfortable job on Earth.


     The men and women who do this are called horse exercisers, and their primary responsibility is to ride the horses on non-race days and prepare them for the jockeys. From getting them used to walking in the gate to simulating a mid-race gallop, exercisers must gauge a horse's well-being and responsiveness and accurately relate it to the jockeys and trainers.

    This job generally only requires a high school diploma, but also takes roughly seven years of experience to master. Although you won't get rich, if you're a lover of horses and/or want to someday become a jockey, this is a great way to do it and bring home a solid paycheck.


    A sommelier, or wine steward, usually works at an upscale restaurant and is in charge of everything related to the business' wine collection. Customers who have questions or need recommendations ask the sommelier, and he/she picks out precisely the right wine pairing to go with their meal. But in addition to the public-facing part of a sommelier's job, he/she may also travel to vineyards to identify wine, buy wine from distributors, monitor the condition of the wine cellar, and work with restaurant chefs to prepare appetizing food and drink pairings.

    Although a college degree is not always a prerequisite, most sommeliers have many years of experience and some will complete training and certification programs. Either way, there's a lot more to becoming a successful sommelier than watching Sideways over and over again.

  7. 7 Sperm Donor

    If you are yound and have good health you can easily earn money in second way by donating sperms.Man can earn $200 per donation while women can earn upto $8000.

  8. 8 Pearl diver

    An average pearl diver earns in Austrailia upto $1300 .It is a risky proportion through.

  9. 9 Bingo Manager

    The median annual Bingo Manager salary is $62,133, with a range usually between $45,920-$99,957, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors

  10. 10 Light Bulb Replacer

    It sounds weird or like a part of a custodians work, but nope. A light bulb replacer is a job within itself. Large companies and even universities employ light bulb replacers because, well, frankly they have a lot of light bulbs to be changed.

  11. 11 Professional Parachute Tester

    Well, somebody has to go first…but seriously, this job isn’t that much different from test pilot or stunt man. Quite often, these people end up being soldiers testing military equipment.

  12. 12 Crime Scene Cleaner

    Not every one want to do this job and this is why it is highly paying job.Staring at no time you could earn 6 figure salary .

  13. 13 Elevator Mechanic

    With a salry of $70000 and obove ,who would not think fixing of elevator ,when it requires no qualification.

  14. 14 Toy Creator

    Starting with $60000,toy creator can make loads of money based on their creativity.

  15. 15 Childbirth Educator

    Yhe median annual Childbirth Educator salary is $63,931, as of March 29, 2018, with a range usually between $54,167-$73,292, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors

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