Office Pranksters Who’ve Crossed The Freaking Line


There are people who see work as “a necessary evil” to obtain money to cover their basic needs; others, as a routine in which they do not get emotionally involved; some more are so obsessed with their jobs that all day they are thinking about him. But there are still other types of people: those who apply just the effort to work, but they put even more effort into putting humor, and we like them because they are the ones that make everything more fun.



  1. 1 Now it turns out that in the ofi they are beliebers

  2. 2 Not even the English crown jewels have these traps

  3. 3 I do not know if it's a joke or they want to capture extraterrestrial signals

  4. 4 Converted a companion's desk into a private bar

  5. 5 Happy birthday!

  6. 6 This can actually make the cat-loving your colleague's day.

  7. 7 I'm not even angry, I'm just impressed.

  8. 8 The perfect use for the yellow patches accumulated on the back of your drawer.

  9. 9 Just do your part for the environment, ya know?

  10. 10 When you just need to be connected with nature:

  11. 11 Some workers really needed this

  12. 12 No woman, no cry

  13. 13 “There is a big leek under the water heater.”

  14. 14 Throne for the King of IT

  15. 15 Someone did the best job they could.

  16. 16 The sculptor is in da house.

  17. 17 Born to fly, forced to work.

  18. 18 What a nice family.

  19. 19 We’re making a cardboard house next!

  20. 20 How much time does this person have during the workday?

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