OMG 25 Photos Of Trippy Optical Illusion Face Makeup Are Ultra Dazzling


OMG! This trippy optical illusion face makeup is ultra dazzling. Only Dain Yoon can make the possible crazy level of creativity and details. This insanely talented makeup artist shows us the inside of her brain. Even clouds can be seen clearly in her hair. The ultimate blend of art and skill need no explanations. Only your eyes can experience these exclusive optical illusions that are really not photoshopped. On the other hand, she masterfully merged herself with the backgrounds. 


More then less Dain Yoon gained 537k followers on Instagram. Obviously, she takes trippy makeup art across the horizon. Because due to her we can see the triple effects in reality. Lastly, she is crazy, gorgeous weird and best. Try to check her dazzling art. Something you have never seen before. And here we go:

  1. 1 Falling Angels

  2. 2

  3. 3 Fantastic

  4. 4 I’m In A Lavender Dream

  5. 5 Gorgeous

  6. 6 Here Is My Brain

  7. 7 My Eyes Hurt

  8. 8 A Girl With Many Secrets

  9. 9 Russian Doll

  10. 10 Cycle

  11. 11 This Is So Good

  12. 12 Sensational

  13. 13 Major!

  14. 14 OMG

  15. 15 In The Mood For Love

  16. 16 Cool

  17. 17 Those Eyes

  18. 18 Blinded

  19. 19 Stunning!

  20. 20 When I See You

  21. 21 wow It Looks So Real

  22. 22 Just An Ordinary Selfie

  23. 23 So Nice And Strange At The Same Time

  24. 24 Where Is Your Universe

  25. 25 This Is Not Photoshopped

  26. 26 Creepy

  27. 27 I Painted On My Own Body

  28. 28 Unveiled Secrets

  29. 29 Crazy

  30. 30 Confused

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