These 20+ Online Shopping Fails Were Far Beyond Everyone’s Expectations


Everyone shares common hate of going to the mall, selecting a dress, look for size, and trying it in suspicious booths. So shopping online is an easy and useful invention where we don’t have to visit every shop in the mall. But online shopping has its drawbacks as well.


In spite of the best endeavors of online retailers, shopping on the Internet still accompanies enough traps that influence the shopping center to appear to merit the drive and scent of Abercrombie.

Here are some online shopping fails that we all can relate to.

  1. 1 Sorry kitty! Cat tree too small for you kittens too..

  2. 2 Security tag was supposed to be removed

  3. 3 But it doesn't fit him

  4. 4 You know why the dog looks disappointed? Look at the toy (just received an online order)

  5. 5 Now the dog doesn't fit in the cage

  6. 6 When you order a hanging basket and a plant from amazon but only the basket gets delivered and the plant gets stuck in customs

  7. 7 "So I bought those pinwheels thinking they were going to be little ones to put in the girls baskets....but instead they were GIANT"

  8. 8 When you order something online and it turns out bigger than expected

  9. 9 Ugliest bath-bomb ordered online

  10. 10 When you order a bikini online and get what appears to be child size lingerie.

  11. 11 One pair fits perfectly but, for the second pair, she had to lose 10-15 pounds

  12. 12 I see you don't fit in

  13. 13 "So you bought a super cute bathing suit online. Waited FOREVER for it to arrive. Opened the envelope and what do you get? A shoddy mess that falls apart the moment you try it on!"

  14. 14 "This is exactly why I don’t online shop. Lol I bought gel and it’s freaking huge. Makes my contact case look tiny. I’ll never need gel again."

  15. 15 This was made for Shrek lol

  16. 16 "Nothing. Fits. Everything I ordered for my trip is too small. I should’ve maybe suspected this would happen when I got the shipping tracking number and saw the origin was China"

  17. 17 "Mom bought this scarf on sale cause it looked small and delicate.. turns out it’s the size of a blanket.. so I was swaddled - I am not amused."

  18. 18 When your human just can’t get your size right

  19. 19 "I ordered this nice satin robe and got instead this... umm... I don’t even know what the hell I got"

  20. 20 "Another online fail I had to share!!! A real bargain from China again, 50 gel pens for a fab price. They turned up and are 50 gel pen inside parts only"

  21. 21 Isn't this too tiny?

  22. 22 "This chair looked bigger online"

  23. 23 "I ordered a large dog sweater from @wish. Got a tiny one (that is supposedly large. Oh well) so I put it on my cat. Turns out it’s a bit small for him too."

  24. 24 "I’m not being funny,,, they actually fit in a tiny test tube 🧪😂😂 that will have to be the vase"

  25. 25 "My shoes came today I was super excited until I realised they were the wrong size"

  26. 26 "Mum ordered the wrong size of bed for me can't blame her as I grow very fast"

  27. 27 "How am I supposed to play fetch with this?!? "

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