20+ Of The Best Funny Photos Of People Doing Opposite To Instructions

Usually instructions are put for the consume’s or the product’s safety and security. But some rebels like to go the other way around. Take a Look!

  1. 1 Ironic

  2. 2 Bad Boy! Hygiene First.

  3. 3 Good Way Of Grabbing Attention

  4. 4 Sleepy Hollow

  5. 5 Shop Lifter Of The Year

  6. 6 May Be Her Down Is Up .....

  7. 7 Why Do They Put So Many Signs?

  8. 8 She Should've Laid Down

  9. 9 Why?

  10. 10 You Briber!

  11. 11 It Said No Sausages!

  12. 12 Here You Go Sign Maker!

  13. 13 He Is Surely P-SS-D Off!

  14. 14 Not Safe If There's A Wild Animal On The Opposite Side

  15. 15 It's Not A BI-CYCLE

  16. 16 Naughty Boy!

  17. 17 He Needs To Be More Flattened...Like In Cartoons

  18. 18 He Definitely Made An Effort To Get Those Slippers

  19. 19 It Didn't Restrict Uni Or One Wheel Drives

  20. 20 What Is It?

  21. 21 Dangerous

  22. 22 Here You Go!

  23. 23 A Hammer Would Do The Need Full

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