15+ Packaging Blunders That Will Make You Day


Our job as packaging experts is to alleviate the stress related to packaging and shipping important goods, while ensuring we are never the cause of a packaging blunder. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy finding some of the internet’s favorite packaging fails over the years. Below, we’ve curated a bunch of the worst best packaging fails across many industries. Which ones are your favorites?

  1. 1 I'm not even hungry anymore

  2. 2 Surprisingly, this barely adds up to 1,000 calories. Great for a lunch when all else fails.

  3. 3 But you can't

  4. 4 Well, I guess I can use the box for Christmas... Thanks Amazon!

  5. 5 I want a dozen boxes

  6. 6 I named her dog

  7. 7 Have fun kids!

  8. 8 Now I’ve seen it all. Individually wrapped Q-tips!

  9. 9 White Castle has some serious logic flaws in its labeling

  10. 10 I think I know what my neighbor ordered

  11. 11 The Big Mac isn't ordered correctly.

  12. 12 This taco is missing a shell.

  13. 13 The cheese on this burger is misplaced.

  14. 14 This person's breakfast burrito includes an expiration date.

  15. 15 We're calling you out @amazon! Our diss track is coming, and it's gonna be fire!!

  16. 16 I see!

  17. 17 We post orange of shockers on here but this has got to be one of the worst!!

  18. 18 Oh plz!

  19. 19 You had one job

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