These People Hit The Refresh Button On Their Lives

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Sometimes we get so much bored of our selves, we become disappointed about something. At that point of life, we have to motivate ourselves instead of giving up. Sometimes its really hard to get over yourself and take first positive step. But here you will that people who had to motivate themselves and they did. They’re the people who hit the refresh button on their lives.

  1. 1 “I lost 80 lb in a year. This is my progress”

  2. 2 “I lost 150 lb in less than 2 years.”

  3. 3 “3 years without alcohol and one healthy lifestyle – I lost 155lb”

  4. 4 “This one year difference will hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again.”

  5. 5 “If I did it, everyone else can do it too!

  6. 6 Before and after dental surgery

  7. 7 This is a product of regular workouts and a good diet plan.

  8. 8 “In the end, I wouldn’t even drink water and had to go to the hospital. I weighed only 81 lb, but now I’m happy and healthy.”

  9. 9 “Extremely hard thing to do, but not impossible”

  10. 10 Weight gain: 108 lb to 121 lb

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1.7k shares, 860 points
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