20 People Caught Starring At Something More Important Than The Face

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Sometimes we can’t keep our eyes from wandering and sometimes we even get in trouble for it. Fortunately, most of us don’t get caught on camera doing it. Here are the moments of people caught staring (including many notable celebrities).

  1. 1 Shameless army

  2. 2 Jealous!

  3. 3 Look at the ***

  4. 4 Surprised?

  5. 5 Respect women! That's why he's looking down

  6. 6 Are they really attractive?

  7. 7 Shake that Booty!

  8. 8 That kid got a jackpot

  9. 9 That Kid, lol

  10. 10 That kid saw it for the first time

  11. 11 When Evans couldn't control himself

  12. 12 That devilish face

  13. 13 Kids are not innocent nowadays

  14. 14 Staring at something more important than her face

  15. 15 Those kids in the back

  16. 16 The ruined photo

  17. 17 Even celebrities can't control starring

  18. 18 When Mr. Obama was checking out the girl

  19. 19 He is not able to say a word now

  20. 20 Hey Bieber don't you have your own?

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1.5k shares, 873 points
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