People Who Definitely Got The Job.

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Finding a job is stressful work, so many of us have been fighting for a new job. People do that in different ways but here we discussing,

Some clever ways to stand out that have us thinking they definitely got the job.


  1. 1 Guy who delivers a tasty job performance.

    After struggling to find a job, this guy took matters into his own hands. He pretended to be a delivery guy and hid his resume inside the donut box.  

  2. 2 Jameson, who just walked in and started working.

    I mean sure, this could potentially land a person in some hot water if they were caught. But, it might also impress the boss enough to hire you for real! Just don't quote me on that.

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5

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  9. 9 This guy who has a unique skill set.

    He knows how to balance his job assignments and can keep calm under pressure. See friends, you can spin all kinds of weird skills to your advantage!

  10. 10 This applicant who found a simple, yet effective job application method.

    Apparently, this worked and the person actually got the job! As long as your skills can back it up, this is a clever way to show your personality.

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1.2k shares, 840 points
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