10+ Of People Doing Weird And Crazy Things In Public

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Yes some people are too difficult to simply ignore when they doing crazy things in public. These people never think that others around them are notice everything they doing.

Here are some of the strangest, most uncomfortable sights when people doing weird and crazy things In Public.
  1. 1 oop"s what is she doing

  2. 2 Funny girl scratching in public

  3. 3 Don’t ask me for driving license, I’ll show you something hot in replacement

  4. 4 Watermelon cap makes you head cool in summers

  5. 5 Nothing to say

  6. 6 When You Need A Pole For Support

  7. 7 Public Loo

  8. 8 LOL! I see what You Did There

  9. 9 You Guys Need A Room

  10. 10 Curious… What Going On Under That Blanket

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1.5k shares, 851 points
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