People Doing It Wrong And All I Can Do Is Watching Them Doing Things Wrong


I’m the type of person who corrects everyone (even unknown) when they do or say something wrong. Here I have compiled a list of people ‘doing it wrong’ and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  1. 1 Wow brilliant! Don't tell 'your' not Einstein's great grand son

  2. 2 Oops! I don't care

  3. 3 I wonder what would they call love in Chemistry? Maybe a covalent bond?

  4. 4 Is she from Mars?

  5. 5 It's against human rights

  6. 6 Yeah!

  7. 7 Kid plz teach you teacher

  8. 8 This is not banana

  9. 9 How was it?

  10. 10 Challenge accepted

  11. 11 Umm it's hard to explain

  12. 12 Wow I'll have one

  13. 13 Does it fit now?

  14. 14 O + refresh = senseless

  15. 15 When you take your friend calling you 'An ASS' serious

  16. 16 It won't work here?

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