19 People Who Did Something For The First Time


Doing something for the first time is more remarkable than doing it 100th of successful time. Everything in life happens for the first time at some point, maybe consciously or unconsciously. Every beautiful moment cannot capture in cameras but it can capture in mind in the apartment of memories. Here are some beautiful memories of people doing things for the first time.

You Are Young As Long As You Have “That First Time” in your life.


  1. 1 73-years-old son kissed his mother.

  2. 2 Toddler who tasted lemon.

  3. 3 Blind mother who saw her baby.

  4. 4 The actor who smashed a weightlifting record in 1000 years.

  5. 5 Baby girl learning to move eyebrow.

  6. 6 Girl who is listening to her own voice.

  7. 7 First experience to see fireworks.

  8. 8 Man who's eating chocolate.

  9. 9 Seeing the end of the rainbow.

  10. 10 A soldier who's meeting his baby girl.

  11. 11 Chinese kids who saw red hair.

  12. 12 Team Rwanda sees snow.

  13. 13 Kids' reaction when they saw the latest technology.

  14. 14 Baby girl's reaction to seeing a Ballerina.

  15. 15 Seeing their baby brother.

  16. 16 Boy meeting his younger sister.

  17. 17 A boy watching TV in a store window in 1948.

  18. 18 Baby's reaction after seeing a white man.

  19. 19 Boy hold a book in his right hand.

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