People Found Original Items From Flea Markets And Thrift Stores


Many perceive commissioning and flea markets as a cluster of completely unnecessary junk. But especially lucky ones manage to “catch” very expensive and interesting things for very symbolic money. For example, like this.



  1. 1 My uncle bought this book for only $ 2, and a little later it turned out that it was signed by Hemingway himself!

  2. 2 Unexpected coincidence

  3. 3 This is my best find!

  4. 4 Box for head-shaped paper shawls from Easter Island

  5. 5 Gold emerald ring for $ 1 ... Jackpot!

  6. 6 10 years ago I played bass in a rock band. Yesterday I found a shirt with the logo of my group at a local flea market!

  7. 7 Half a tyrannosaur is the best thing that could happen to me in life.

  8. 8 Ice cream suit - just a holiday of some kind!

  9. 9 Pale faces do not understand the value of this find!

  10. 10 Apparently, the previous captain of the ship no longer needs his elegant sea coat.

  11. 11 The humble throne for the cat

  12. 12 Incredible beauty lamp

  13. 13 It is strange, but I could not get past these pantaloons

  14. 14 My mother decided that it would be suitable for our bathroom.

  15. 15 Mom bought this cane from some guy in the market. Who would have thought that in her such a secret

  16. 16 Nice thing to make the toilet more fun.

  17. 17 A strange hybrid of a goose and ... cats?

  18. 18 I bought this incredibly rare illustrated astronomy textbook from 1851 for $ 0.25. By the way, exactly the same is sold on Ebay for $ 227

  19. 19 Elgin 1894 wrist watch. I bought them for some $ 10 !!!

  20. 20 This is a very unexpected and insanely cool find!

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