People Who Had No Idea What They Were Doing At The Gym


You may have noticed a lot of people doing wrong at the gym. They could go hilariously or hilariously funny. Here are people found at the gym who didn’t know what they were doing.


Click to see gym fails by the slydor team.

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  1. 1 A parrot trying to workout like a human

  2. 2 A cat lover?

  3. 3 The guy who was motivating at the gym

  4. 4 Stronger 82 years old woman alive

  5. 5 Looks like McDonalds doesn't want people to workout properly.

  6. 6 Hmm girls.....

  7. 7 I want to be fat and lazy

  8. 8 Man who got time to knit at gym

  9. 9 So this band realized they need to workout

  10. 10 Pic of the day

  11. 11 During date when he says you look beautiful during workout

  12. 12 Too tall

  13. 13 Oh really?

  14. 14 Gym+practice

  15. 15 No one!

  16. 16 High heels? WTF

  17. 17 First day at gym be like

  18. 18 Are you okay?

  19. 19 When batman realized that he's getting fat because no one is asking for help

  20. 20 Drink water instead

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