People Who Know How To Use Autoironi Like Nobody Else


We can and must laugh at ourselves. People who do it without problems are more likely to endure the odds of life and can always see the bright side of things, even when it does not seem to exist. Want to get rid of the complexes and be the owner of your life? Follow the example of the people below.

  1. 1 The joys of being single

  2. 2 “My mom came into the front room and said, ’I peed on the floor.’ ”

  3. 3 “I don’t know how much I lost because I broke my scale.”

  4. 4 What dating after 30 is like:

  5. 5 “My friend covered up the tattoo of his ex-wife.”

  6. 6 Sometimes a good sense of self-irony is exactly what you need.

  7. 7 “At least I had a happy childhood without the Internet.”

  8. 8 "I wanted to make my scar someone fun"

  9. 9 "I went to a concert, I lost my shoe and I found a new one"

  10. 10 "In My City, Someone Wrote" Tourists, Go Home "On a Wall Of An Old Church And It Is The Biggest Tourist Attraction Of All"


  12. 12 “Lost in China and stumbled upon this informative index”

  13. 13 "My foolish head tried to cook pasta and managed to forget the water"

  14. 14 You can not argue with that

  15. 15 “My wife asked me to dress up for a Christmas photo shoot. It seems that I managed one hundred percent. ”

  16. 16 “I am a second before the abduction, 1984”

  17. 17 “My new T-shir”

  18. 18 A perfect match

  19. 19 Really, who sees the difference?

  20. 20 "My yearbook quote is the only thing I’m proud of."

  21. 21 Those little hairs are working really hard.

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