19 Times When People Were Really Bad At Their Jobs


No one is perfect in this world, in fact man is a puppet controlled by his mistakes. You may have seen people getting terrible doing their jobs. Hopefully, this collection of people who dropped the ball doesn’t give you flashbacks to that time you hired a friend of a friend to save a few bucks.





  1. 1 Slapped that face on your car, boss..

  2. 2 Installed those elevator buttons, Boss.

  3. 3 How we are supposed to cross.

  4. 4 They don't have 1st floor.

  5. 5 Lunch lady: the protector of children’s health everywhere.

  6. 6 Let’s face it, if you’ve managed to survive a plane crash, you’ll manage to deal with this.

  7. 7 “Just standing here, protecting the jewelry store.”

  8. 8 “I’mma take a nap right here.”

  9. 9 "Check out the inspirational saying I put on this yoga mat."

  10. 10 "You told me to make the sign for Fashion Art."

  11. 11 "I stitched Tucker's backpack per the order form."

  12. 12 Whoever decided to work around this.

  13. 13 Whoever installed this door.

  14. 14 Whoever installed this billboard.

  15. 15 Whoever set up these speakers.

  16. 16 I'm confused

  17. 17 Tastes like cabbage

  18. 18 Hopefully it works better than the sign.

  19. 19 You can't always get what you want.

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