People Who Stopped Planning A Tour Because Of An Important Reason


Did you ever ask someone to take a picture of you and your friend? If yes, you may’ve experienced the following unbearable and tearful things. So, here are the people who asked strangers to take a picture and regretted instantly.


Click if you want to see selfie fails by the slydor team.

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  1. 1 You can see a couple posing in that innocent lady's sun glasses

  2. 2 at least you have that picture

  3. 3 What are you planning?

  4. 4 A picture of them

  5. 5 You were supposed to focus

  6. 6 Didn't you like the rest of them?

  7. 7 Thanks yay!

  8. 8 Looks like a man suddenly turned into this photo of nature

  9. 9 Stay in the corner you look perfect

  10. 10 Perfectly ruined!

  11. 11 Nature of hands

  12. 12 When you explain your background for photo specifically

  13. 13 Headless curse be like

  14. 14 Just one tap!

  15. 15 Did they asked you to take a picture of those sexy legs?

  16. 16 disturbing!!!!!!!

  17. 17 Nearly headless

  18. 18 Me with Mona Lisa

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