People Caught Trying The Most Stupid Things On Earth


Some people are hard to understand. You can never know what’s going through their mind. Maybe they’re weird or they are trying to get our attention. Here are some incredibly stupid and weird things people caught doing in public.

  1. 1 Keep it down then

  2. 2 What the f*** that kid is doing there?

  3. 3 Can understand

  4. 4 This is not public toilet

  5. 5 What an idiot!

  6. 6 I never understood! really!

  7. 7 Ever ordinary men has it

  8. 8 Single af

  9. 9 Some kind of marathon?

  10. 10 Kids these days!

  11. 11 What's so funny?

  12. 12 When you mess with your wife

  13. 13 RIP

  14. 14 Watch closely

  15. 15 Yes you don't

  16. 16 I bet these are 90's kids because only they had nothing else to try

  17. 17 Another 90's legend

  18. 18 Good job

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