Photos Of What Is Better To Buy A Thing Than To Do It Yourself


At the weekend she gathered to make a candle with her own hands and climbed for inspiration on the Internet. It was then that my illusions were dispelled that hand made is always beautiful and unusual. Here’s a collection of the wildest ideas. Do not do it this way.



  1. 1 I propose to somehow dispose of all these dolls, they look scary.

  2. 2 You're a killer now

  3. 3 Scary bookmarks

  4. 4 Like always flowers in bra

  5. 5 3D glasses

  6. 6 Create your own high heels

  7. 7 Dinosaurs haven't really left us

  8. 8 Perfect!

  9. 9 in case you can't afford a real one

  10. 10 Oh well!

  11. 11 Now no one can steal your thousands of coins

  12. 12 No I mean really?

  13. 13 That wooden area...

  14. 14 This is going to give me nightmares

  15. 15 Better throw it away

  16. 16 Does it really work?

  17. 17 Wt*!

  18. 18 Oh plz!

  19. 19 This is not really a good idea..

  20. 20 ...mmm

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