Photos That Are Perfectly Engaging Even Without Photoshop


Perfect photography is thought to be the impossible thing without photoshop. Photography is actually heartful display of one’s emotions. But there are some real photos. Those photos didn’t require the use of Photoshop to be truly impressive. They are much more extraordinarily perfect.


Click for forced perspective photography

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  1. 1 Dubai's tallest building

  2. 2 A breakdancer captured mid-spin on the streets of Canada as the sun peeks through a gap in two buildings and casts shadows across the gold-streaked pavement

  3. 3 A beach in Australia

  4. 4 Quiet Maxico street

  5. 5 Beach pattern

  6. 6 Hot tea in the arctic

  7. 7 An iceberg above and below

  8. 8 The photographer who captured this photo has a keen eye for composition.

  9. 9 One’s arm after sanding wood for an hour

  10. 10 Ice caves in Iceland

  11. 11 Long exposure of some incense

  12. 12 Wood dust makes this arm look like dry and cracked dirt.

  13. 13 I took pictures of fireworks and ended up with a “nebula.”

  14. 14 The snow on this fence

  15. 15 This storm front turned the sky green.

  16. 16 A bird tornado

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