15+ Photos Proving That Japanese Are The Best People


I believe that Japan is the best place to visit. They are not humble to each other but also to strangers. Here are the pictures that prove the description of Japanese people is right.


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  1. 1 Heroic Protest

  2. 2 Japanese fans helped cleaning stadium after FIFA World Cup 2014

  3. 3 Baby seats are attached to the bathrooms.

  4. 4 The best thing about this is toilet is you can reuse water for next flush.

  5. 5 Japanese kids are taught to clean their schools as a respect to the place where they learn.

  6. 6 Bullet trains are so smooth in Japan

  7. 7 This is the food that's usually served to the women who've given birth.

  8. 8 This note by a Japanese say, " “I accidentally knocked over your bike and broke the bell. I am very sorry.”

  9. 9 This is what happens when you drop something on streets in Japan

  10. 10 There are the buttons in Japanese toilet that don't let anyone hear you pooping.

  11. 11 Even drainage water is so clean that Koi fishes can live in it.

  12. 12 This is how honest they're

  13. 13 So you can lock out your umbrella if you don't want to carry them everywhere.

  14. 14 10 Commuters In Tokyo Pushed A Train Car To Save A Woman Who Fell And Got Stuck Between The Car And The Platform

  15. 15 They are the refrigerator lockers to keep your perishables while you're shopping

  16. 16 This is what you get when you order something from Japan

  17. 17 The Smartphone Wiper

  18. 18 In Japan, The Ground Crew Bows And Waves Goodbye To The Departing Aircraft

  19. 19 In a hotel in Japan, side lamp can be half lit.

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