Photos That Do Not Let Us Resist Loving Animals


What could be better than love? Every living thing needs it. And also in care and affection. And the more we give, the more we get.

  1. 1 This is Hank and he is extremely handsome.

  2. 2 Even the hearts on this owl’s feathers show that it is made of love and love.

  3. 3 This cow’s kiss is full of tenderness.

  4. 4 Urgent hugs with a capybara... Just let the whole world wait.

  5. 5 Is it possible to find a more smiley face?

  6. 6 Turns out it is possible!

  7. 7 Hunting has failed, but friendship has succeeded.

  8. 8 A guard dog that awakens a fear ...desire to hug him.

  9. 9 “I wanted a dog, my husband wanted a cat, because dogs are ‘too needy.’ So instead we got a cat who won’t leave my side and loves when I hold her little paw while she sleeps!”

  10. 10 This is Remi, he’s 11, and you can’t just pass him by without petting him.

  11. 11 “A woman in line comes up to me and asks, ‘Want me to make your day a little better?’ Then she pulls out this guy...”

  12. 12 A huge heart in such little eyes

  13. 13 “I was gone for a month, and my big floof missed me terribly.”

  14. 14 “My friend got to attend an ugly sweater Christmas party for dogs and I’ve never been so jealous in my life!”

  15. 15 “This cat is not my cat, but whenever I get home from work and he happens to hear my car lock, he runs to me from out of nowhere, and follows me to my door meowing until I sit down and allow him to take a nap on my lap.”

  16. 16 Sorry, boss. I can’t come in today — my dog is too cute.

  17. 17 This is Clover. She’s a pippet (a cross between a pit bull and a whippet).

  18. 18 “This is my fiancé on our wedding day with my dog I had before we started dating.”

  19. 19 Someone has been a good boy for the whole year and knows he deserves a present.

  20. 20 Mutual hugs between moms and their kids are probably the best thing on this planet.

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