Hilarious Photos Taken Right Before Someone’s Tragedy


These photos taken at the right moment are hilarious because let us think about what is going to happen. While looking at them if you can use all your imagination you can’t probably stop laughing. The funny part is about to imagine what is happened after they were taken. Did they survive? Enjoy these pictures taken before the tragedy happens and hope you will never be part of them in future.

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5

  6. 6 Devil cat!

  7. 7 Now take this you b***h

  8. 8 I feel sorry for you guys

  9. 9 Bro wait for me

  10. 10 Oh no!

  11. 11 She just finished blowing the candles, not realizing that tragedy has begun

  12. 12 And this is exactly how she lost her phone

  13. 13 This wife's epic reaction

  14. 14 I bet the boy has a pair of scissors in the other hand

  15. 15 It’s probably an expensive trophy.

  16. 16 "Let me at least take the camera away!"

  17. 17 There’s definitely no escaping this!

  18. 18 He’s totally unaware.

  19. 19 It was too much!

  20. 20 Broke her nose only!

  21. 21 Phuck!

  22. 22 She'd leave the party

  23. 23 Perhaps the fall was organized?

  24. 24 They Are Facing Their Fate.

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