Photos That Want To Test Your Patience And Nerves For Strength


Even the calmest people have moments when patience just collapses. And the reason for this may be annoying little things that you can’t hide from. Especially if such things do someone from your family. For example, never twist the cap on the bottle or put things in place. In this post, we have collected a few of these situations, from which even the teeth reduce anger.

  1. 1 No one offered her a seat

  2. 2 Caught a fish. Lost a fish.

  3. 3 These new kitchen knives have stickers that are so hard to remove.

  4. 4 “My wife always opens the microwave before it ends and leaves it like this, so I always have to hit cancel before setting my heating time.”

  5. 5 “I have clearly married a monster.”

  6. 6 “What I ordered from AliExpress vs What I got”

  7. 7 Thanks for helping me recycle...

  8. 8 “My girlfriend opens new water bottles without finishing the others first. Send help, please.”

  9. 9 “My family uses old Cheesling boxes to store everything and never labels them.”

  10. 10 Breakfast burrito?

  11. 11 “Some earrings I ordered on AliExpress never arrived and they asked for photo evidence???”

  12. 12 “I made stickers of my face so people would stop stealing my pens.”

  13. 13 When you’re expecting a totally different product:

  14. 14 This “box” of beef

  15. 15 When apps don’t use qwerty...

  16. 16 When the only thing you can do is start a diet:

  17. 17 “There was no bottom layer of chocolate on my Cadbury caramel bar.”

  18. 18 The first bike lane for cars has now been released!

  19. 19 It’s worse than headphones getting entangled.

  20. 20 “My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything...”

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