Photoshoot Fails Because Babies Had No Idea What A Photoshoot Looks Like (Part 2)


These fails just make you wish your kid would hurry up and turn 18 so you don’t have to do the cutesy shit anymore.


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  1. 1 In Your Face

  2. 2 Happy Father

  3. 3 Straight Shot

  4. 4 Dad's Laughing, Mom's Catching The Poop And Dog's Face Explains It All

  5. 5 I Love My Son ( In Shorts) But I Think I'm Beginning To Prefer My Grandson ( On Shoulders!!)

  6. 6 Happy Baby Boy

  7. 7 There. I'm Feeling Much Better Now!

  8. 8 Golden Outtake From A Family Photo Session

  9. 9 Little Accident

  10. 10 Can You Guess What Those Faces Are For? Yep, He Peed

  11. 11 Poor kid!

  12. 12 What To Expect During A Newborn Session!

  13. 13 So Basically The Baby Poo’d On The Papa

  14. 14 Little Squirt

  15. 15 And Here’s A Sample Of What Usually Happens During Newborn Sessions. Let Me Rephrase That... Here’s A Sample Of What Happens At EVERY Newborn Session. It Never Fails!

  16. 16 First Baby's Photoshoot

  17. 17 I'm sorry daddy but...

  18. 18 "uh Oh"

  19. 19 The Subtle Wee, Which You Wont Notice Until You Get To Photoshop It, Dad.

  20. 20 Someone has to pee

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