10+ Of The Most Hilarious Photoshop Fails By A Naughty Artist


Ah, The Photoshop! When a photo is doctored, it is either done so well that you’d never catch the difference or done so poorly that the result becomes a laughing stock. When a photo is tweaked, the rule of thumb is to take it all the way but not way too far.


Our latest compilation reveals that sometimes an artist intentionally manipulate a photo in order to make fun of requested changes and the results are hilarious.

Here are some funny and interesting photoshop fails to make you smile.
  1. 1 Here's A Photoshop Punch!

  2. 2 LOLZ!

  3. 3 HAH! This Is A Nightmare

  4. 4 Urghh --- The Result Is Ugly

  5. 5 Hand Removed By Hook And later Cake

  6. 6 Man! You Are Definitely Beefed Up! Instead Of Shark, A Pair Of Horns Should Have Been Placed on His Head

  7. 7 I Thoroughly Enjoyed The Emails

  8. 8

  9. 9 Here You Go! Sun Between Fingers

  10. 10 Now He Gave Many Options For Closed Mouth

  11. 11 How do I get rid of these spots on my mirror?

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