Pictures That Will Make You Feel Really Old


If you are from 1990-1980, you will definitely know these things, which now gone. But here are some pictures that will take you to the past and Some memorable days.


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  1. 1 Remember? Pikachu ? Games and Cartoon?

    They are Gone now! kids have new cartoon and smartphones these days!

  2. 2 Remember Girls? U have used them !

    Now you have the fancy one ! 🙂

  3. 3 Pop Pop ? Remember?

    They are not available anymore in the market! 🙁

  4. 4 Remember these All in one pen ?

    You Fought with your brother to get them!

  5. 5 This is the Place Where Legends Plays !

    They have the original Composition, You Enjoyed!

  6. 6 Remember Dad's tape Recorder?

    Once you wait for your song to come in, Now you got your smartphone in your hand 🙂

  7. 7 CD's Collection. Remember? Collecting Money to buy your film !

    Now, Piracy Version is Already here!

  8. 8 I Bet, U Cant Forgot this !

    When you wait for this show, Even the wait is good!

  9. 9 These Fashion Gives you the Style !

    btw? What are you wearing now?

  10. 10 You Can Feel the Difference !

    But Remember? U loved to do this makeup even when u cant afford it.

  11. 11 She is the one you don't like !

    It Happens!

  12. 12 Go David 😀 Daddy wants to see the match now .

    Now u have remote even in your smartphone!

  13. 13 This Game is never getting bored!

    Remember old Nokia your dad had? it's still the dad of iPhone!

  14. 14 Remember Rim Rim? 😀

    U Still Guess to call someone else?

  15. 15 The Fastest Text you can write in.

  16. 16 What do you Say?

    Technology or Love?

  17. 17 Thats Sad 😀

    Take a Look at your Mobile Phone! Now!!

  18. 18 Remember? 😀

  19. 19 Ever played this?

  20. 20 Remember?

    Now you are Missing him !

  21. 21 Its Sad Reality !

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