Pictures Showing Friendzone Is Actually A Depression Zone


Listen up, girls! If you have a male friend, ask him about his feeling don’t suppress his feelings declaring him your “Best fraaanddd”. Here are some boys who have been friend zoned by girls.

  1. 1 Maybe next time?

  2. 2 Oh!

  3. 3 Extremely friendzoned

  4. 4 F***

  5. 5

  6. 6 Even Mia Khalifa has a friendzone

  7. 7 Even the dog is better than you

  8. 8 Give her a helping hand

  9. 9 I can feel the pain in his face

  10. 10 Atleast she admits

  11. 11 Three girls are there and he's still friendzoned

  12. 12 He is not even looking at her

  13. 13 Wow!

  14. 14 WTF!

  15. 15 Friends with benefits

  16. 16 Alas!

  17. 17 Okay! Interesting

  18. 18 Pitiable!

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