Pictures That Are The Examples Of Darwin’s Theory Of Natural Selection


According to Darwin’s theory of Natural selection, each generation produces the individuals that can survive in the present environment. Here are some examples that can elaborate that theory and they’re amazing.

  1. 1 Shoes and carpet

  2. 2 Shoes and paint

  3. 3 Shoes and carpet

  4. 4 Tights and carpet

  5. 5 Pizza and counter

  6. 6 Is there any difference?

  7. 7 Soap and the background

  8. 8 Yes yes same

  9. 9 Ginger cat and paint

  10. 10 The cat and the dog

  11. 11 Abdomanless man?

  12. 12 Differenciate the paint and sky

  13. 13 Same same

  14. 14 Lol yeah

  15. 15 How is it possible btw

  16. 16 Perfectly matched

  17. 17 Perfect example of natural selection

  18. 18 Matching cat lol

  19. 19 Look closely

  20. 20 How on Earth?

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