Proofs That Pixar Is Two Steps Ahead From Your Thought


Pixar is presenting animated films and entertaining us since 1986. Here are photos in which it is clear that Pixar is surely the best animation studio as they have no flaws in their pictures.

  1. 1 In Up, all of the possessions on Ellie's side of the bed are round, whereas everything on Carl's side is square — the same shapes as their character design.

  2. 2 Charging bar of Well-E before and after lightning

  3. 3 Carpet in Sid's house looks like the carpet in The Shinning

  4. 4 Looks like Pixar is a huge fan of The Shinning

  5. 5 Another reference in Toy Story 2 from Jurassic Park

  6. 6 See that hole in the chair? It's really brilliant as they don't want Sully to rest on his own tail even as a fictional character

  7. 7 Different cups of size shows that Monsters Inc. has different monsters

  8. 8 Mirage's phone number spells SUPERHRO

  9. 9 Have you ever spotted this Pixar lamp in opening credits?

  10. 10 When we first see Anton Ego's office in Ratatouille it resembles a coffin, and his typewriter looks like a skull.

  11. 11 McQueen's rival car got 84 on this as the Apple released their first pc in 1984. P.s. Apple co-found is Pixar's CEO

  12. 12 Another Apple reference can be found in Monsters, Inc. when Mike picks up a magazine containing an advert with the slogan "scare differently", a parody of Apple's "think differently" slogan.

  13. 13 In a blink-or-you'll-miss-it scene, this pun on Pixar director John Lasseter's name can be spotted in Cars 2.

  14. 14 In Toy Story, a tool box inscribed with the word "Binford" can be seen. Binford Tools is a fictional company from Home Improvement, the sitcom that launched the career of Buzz Lightyear's voice actor, Tim Allen.

  15. 15 Well well well did you see a fish having receding hairline in Finding Dory

  16. 16 This shows that as Andy grown up his handwriting improved alot

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