Photos Help You Get Motivated To Conduct House Cleaning Today


We try to postpone the general cleaning of the apartment as much as possible. We find an excuse to ourselves that we are not looking for a reason, but we are going with strength and spirit. Sometimes even throwing away or dismantling the Christmas tree is not enough incentive for us. If for you, as well as for the majority, the end of the New Year holidays is not enough to decide on cleaning, look at our selection of inspirational photos.

  1. 1 The pleasure of cleaning a dirty sink

  2. 2 Refinishing a frying pan

  3. 3 “It took all day. Found a bunch of coins for my coin jar.”

  4. 4 Only after cleaning can you see what this rail should look like.

  5. 5 The “after” photo would go to the “Cozy Places” category.

  6. 6 “I’ve been doing different work at a customer’s house for years, always suggesting to clean up his front wall. He finally okayed it, and I did it yesterday.”

  7. 7 “Visited my parents for Christmas and found these while helping them clean up the basement. $100 for a case.”

  8. 8 “It’s been standing on a shelf for years and we couldn’t have even imagined how this trophy would look when cleaned up.”

  9. 9 Most electric coil stove tops lift up to clean underneath.

  10. 10 Pressure washing turned these old stairs into new ones.

  11. 11 “Kicked out my hoarder cousin who had been making a mess for years.”

  12. 12 “My sister said, ’Pressure washing does nothing.’ I retaliated the only way I knew how.”

  13. 13 “I had no idea what color it was going to be.”

  14. 14 “Having a scraper and a tiny brush for all the hard-to-reach places inspired me to clean the room.”

  15. 15 This is how pavement is washed in China:

  16. 16 It had been parked for 2 years.

  17. 17 “Turns out underneath all the dirt the stones were actually different colors.”

  18. 18 And an oven

  19. 19 “Helped my neighbor to clean the facade.”

  20. 20 “Cleaned my makeup table!”

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