20+ Of The Most Poorly Designed Products That Exist.

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A good idea does not necessarily lead to a successful product. The design of a product is as much important. People don’t like poorly designed products and swich to better alternative by time.

Scroll down to see some of most poorly designed products.


  1. 1 iPhone Cup Holder

    The UpperCup iPhone case attempts to eliminate the need for one handed typing while reducing coffee spills. Its success in this matter is debatable. The weight of a full cup of coffee would make this device awkward to hold and a spill seems to be imminent. The general consensus from online comments is that this product creates more problems than it solves and people should take the time to enjoy a cup of coffee.

  2. 2 Nokia N-Gage

    The Nokia N-Gage was a failed attempt at combining a hand held gaming consul with mobile phone technology. The buttons on the N-Gage were designed for dialing rather than gaming, while the shape of the device was better suited to gaming rather than talking. The speaker was located on the thin side of the device so it had to be awkwardly held sideways to be used as a phone. This product was discontinued after only two years on the market.

  3. 3 USB Connector

    USB connectors are so frequently used that their design flaw is generally overlooked. It is difficult to distinguish the top of the USB connector from the bottom, requiring users to try both sides before a successful plug in. Although clearly not a big problem, it is a persistent one that happens often. Only a simple design change would differentiate the top from the bottom for a seamless, first try connection.

  4. 4 Serial Wired Christmas Lights

    1) Only a giant vat of spiked eggnog will make you feel better about the daunting task of disentangling that rat's nest.

    2) When one bulb goes out, the whole thing goes out, and you have to find which one is the faulty one via trial and error. By the time you're done, Christmas is already OVER.

    [source: Quora]

  5. 5 The British Tap

    Whoever coined the phrase "you choose, you lose" was not talking about an election but rather the British tap.

    [source: Quora]

  6. 6 The Microwave Keypad

    Almost every microwave control panel has about 18 more buttons than necessary.

    [source: Quora]

  7. 7 Economy Airplane Seats

    Just sit back, relax, and nestle your lower back into the weird, slight C-curve that defies human contour.

    [source: Quora]

  8. 8 Halogen Light Bulbs

    Halogen light bulbs get dangerously hot when left on for a long period of time. They have caused severe burns needing medical attention and can also be a fire hazard. If a halogen lamp falls over with the light on, the bulb can get hot enough to start a fire if it comes into contact with something flammable such as curtains or a lampshade. This unsafe design has caused many problems even resulting in law suits.

  9. 9 Misleading Floor Cleaner

    Misleading design that leads to confusion can be extremely dangerous – such as this toxic floor cleaner packaged to look like a beverage. People have accidentally drank cleaners by mistaking them for juice or an energy drink. Packaging is an important aspect of product design that should not be overlooked.

  10. 10 Glass Stairs

    Apple won an architectural patent for the beautiful glass staircases in their stores but half of the population may find fault with this design. The transparency of this staircase creates a very vulnerable situation for women wearing dresses or skirts. This can be especially awkward if people happen to be standing under the staircase or walk by and glance up. The prevalence of camera phones and accessibility to the internet makes this even more distressing for women.

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