Funny Poses And Reactions On Roller Coasters


Have you ever visited any amusement park? Have you ever noticed your friends enjoy or scared on roller coasters? Yeah right. Here some relatable pictures of faces you may have noticed on roller coasters. Share if you enjoy this post.

  1. 1 Eww!

  2. 2 "Cause I'm a freak"

  3. 3 When you don't want to lose them.

  4. 4 Are they really enjoying?

  5. 5 She said "yes"

  6. 6 Finally this is normal. No, wait....

  7. 7 Enjoying. No. Stop it bitch!

  8. 8 When you are scared af but try to act normal.

  9. 9 Dude you are sitting at the very first and it was not a good idea.

  10. 10 When you go out with your dad.

  11. 11 How are you feeling Dad?

  12. 12 When girls don't tie their hair

  13. 13 Roller Coaster Stories

  14. 14 Why so serious?

  15. 15 If fear had a face

  16. 16 Bored In Line For A Roller-Coaster And Decided To Do This Because I Use My Time Wisely

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