Real X-Men: Strange Genes Have Made These People Possess Unique Physical Characteristics


Superheroes are born with unique features that will reveal themselves. Even if you don’t see it, there are superheroes in real life! Take a look at the content we have compiled for you.

  1. 1 "My Dad Has 6 Fingers On Each Hand. He Uses 2 Fingers To Flip Someone Off"

    This man's thumbs are there and just would not bend at the knuckle, but are fully formed and can be moved at the base of the fingers. Polydactyly runs in his family, too. Both him and his son had 12 fingers and 12 toes, although his boy had surgery when he was young.

  2. 2 "My Little Finger Is My Biggest Finger"

    What does it mean when your "little finger" is larger than the rest? Macrodactyly is a rare condition that causes an individual to have one or more fingers or toes that are much larger than the others. The exact cause is unknown but some believe is comes from an abnormal nerve or blood supply.

  3. 3 "I Was Born With A Condition Where My Right Thumb Is Unable To Bend"

    Trigger finger is a condition that is found in one or more tendons of the hand. The tendon that allows the thumb to flex is too swollen and locks. Eventually, the thumb completely locks and is unable to bend at all. This condition is present in 3.3 per 1000 live births.

  4. 4 "A Friend Of Mine Can Grab Things Backwards"

    Often referred to as "double jointed" people who can move their joints beyond its normal range have what are called hypermobility. This is more common among children (10% to 15%) and usually decreases with age, as approximately 5% of adults have this ability. There are multiple causes of hypermobility including altered bone shapes, stretched ligaments, muscle tone or stiffness and proprioception (sense of movement).

  5. 5 "My Brother-In-Law Got A Thumb From Each Parent"

    Wether we like it or not we are all a combination of the genes our parents gave us. Each gene is a blueprint for our bodies and the ones from our parents contain information that informs everything from eye color to diseases to the characteristics of our thumbs.

  6. 6 "I Was Born With A Scar On My Eye"

    No, this photo wasn't edited, that person really has a scar on their eye, or in medical terms - macular pucker. Macular pucker is a scar tissue that formed in the eye's macula which is located in the retina. This part of the eye gives the eye sharp vision, so this condition can cause blurred and distorted vision. Macular puckers occur when the vitreous of the eye ( a gel-like substance on its interior) pulls away from the retina.

  7. 7 "My Son Was Born With Natural Elf Ears"

    Stahl's ear (also called Spock's ear for all the Star Trek fans out there) is an ear deformity that results in a pointy ear shape as well as an extra cartilage fold. This abnormality is the result of misshapen cartilage and when found in the first weeks of an infant's life ear molding is a viable treatment.

  8. 8 "My Boyfriend Has Freckles On Only Half Of His Face, I Think It's Cool"

    This guy's rare freckle pattern may seem like it's a one-of-a-kind rarity but he's not alone. Back in 2015, California woman, Samantha, went on The Doctors to ask them to explain when she had a freckle pattern that sharply went along only one side of her body. The answer- a very specific type of birthmark. "It's a very specific type of birthmark which started when you were an embryo," dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra told her. "And the pigment cells in your neural crest, some of them actually developed a mutation or a change and as the cells migrated over, it actually affects only half the body. 'That's why there's such a sharp cut off."

  9. 9 "I Was Born Ready For This"

    Born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, this person claimed they used to wrestle and since it was required that opponents shake hands before the first period, it was a great way to throw people off.

  10. 10 "My Dad's Index Tip Was Cut Off When He Was 10, My Index Is Shorter Than My Pinky"

    This case would require more scientific study. According to research as of now acquired characteristics are non-heritable characteristics of a living creature and that includes injuries and accidents. One possible explanation for this short index finger? a hand abnormality.

  11. 11 Ulnar Dimelia Or Mirror Hand Syndrome

    Ulnar dimelia is a congenital deformity where the thumb is absent, the ulna is duplicated, and there are seven or eight fingers in the hand. The condition is often referred to as "mirror hand syndrome.” It is so rare that less than 100 cases have been reported in medical literature.

  12. 12 "My Son Has Symmetrical Hair Whorls Which Go In Opposite Directions. This Allows Him To Grow A Natural Mohawk"

    This may look like a cool haircut but your barber might have a tough time replicating it. A hair whorl is a patch of hair that grows in a circular clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This hair abnormality has been studied by behaviorists to see if there is a genetic link between handedness and whirl direction, but nothing absolutely conclusive has been found.

  13. 13 I Have Only Four Fingers On My Left Hand, And Have And Index Finger Instead Of My Thumb

    Symbrachydactyly is a condition where babies are born with an underdeveloped hand which causes them to have small, or in the case of the person below, missing fingers. Hand malformations are often treated with orthotics, prosthetics, physical therapy or in some cases surgery.

  14. 14 "My Wife Discovered That She And My Sister Both Have Syndactyly Connected Toes. They Celebrated Their Similar Trait With New Tattoos"

    Scientifically, this condition is known as syndactyly, but it's commonly referred to as webbed toes, even though it applies to both fingers and toes. Common in the animal kingdom, this condition is rarer among humans. Statistically, there's one baby with webbed toes in 2000-2500 births. So syndactyly is not extremely rare and even Ashton Kutcher has it.

  15. 15 "Half Of The Eyelashes On My Right Eye Are White"

    When this person was 11, they woke up one morning to some of their eyelashes white. It happened overnight. Their mom thought they had bleached them somehow. It was only a very small section at first but it’s now over half of the eyelashes on this eye. It affects both top and bottom lashes, and they occasionally get one or two white hairs in their eyebrow. It’s a condition called Vitiligo and it occurs when your immune system is weak in a specific area, causing the color pigmentation to ‘drain’ out of the skin, or in their case, eyelashes.

  16. 16 "I Have Tentacles Under My Tongue- Apparently Not Everyone Does?"

    No this is not an elaborate Halloween prosthetic, these are what are called fimbriated folds of the tongue or plica Fimbriata. The tentacle-like flaps occur when the folds that go alongside the frenulum (the tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) have small growths or skin tags on them. They are harmless but have the potential to get stuck in your teeth.

  17. 17 "My Kid Has One Streak Of Very Dark Hair"

    When you have a blonde streak or a white streak because of a localized decrease of melanin it's called poliosis. However, there is no certain name for when the area has increased melanin. Some people are calling this a "birthmark" and other's are saying it's probably just a discoloration in the hair and that it will eventually even out.

  18. 18 "I Was Born With 6 Toes On My Left Foot And My Co-Worker Was Born With 4 Toes On Her Right Foot"

    Six toes is a very common birth defect called Hexadactyly, which literally translates to six digits. This condition usually manifests as an extra finger or toe on the side of the toes or in between. Extra digits are usually harmless and can be removed easily but in other cases can be the side effect of a more serious condition.

  19. 19 "I Was Born Without A Bridge In My Nose"

    Nasal bridge is a saddle-shaped area that includes the nasal root and the lateral aspects of the nose. It appears that the person has a so-called depressed nasal bridge, which can occur due to various conditions. The most commonly encountered congenital syndromes with a depressed nasal bridge in the pediatric orthopaedic practice are cleidocranial dysplasia, children with neurodevelopmental delay, achondroplasia, Conradi-Hünermann-Happle syndrome, Cornelia de Lange syndrome, osteogenesis imperfecta and Klippel-Feil syndrome. Interestingly enough, this unique feature has its perks - the person who posted the photo said that his nose never bleeds.

  20. 20 "I Can See The Internal Bruising In My Finger When I Hold My Hand Up To The Light"

    This picture is interesting even despite the internal bruising in the finger. After it was posted on Reddit, a lot of people were asking why the hell they can't see any finger bones. It is because of how much the skin and flesh diffuse the light. Think of it as looking through a pane of frosted glass, times a thousand.

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