Proofs That For A Really Good Act You Do Not Need A Special Reason


We know for sure that these superheroes are found in real life. Only they are not wearing tights and behind them, they do not blow a raincoat. These are quite ordinary people who do not go past someone else’s misery and do not seek the benefits of their good deeds. For example, today you will get acquainted with the 10-year-old Sophia, who has spent all the money she has given to her for pet toys.

  1. 1 During a fire, this child noticed a leak in the water hose which was being used by firemen, so he sat on it using a plastic bag to stop the leakage.

  2. 2 “When my father was diagnosed with cancer, he had to shave his head. I did the same to support him. I loved my hair, but I love my dad more.”

  3. 3 Rather than throw out unused food, this Indiana school district is turning it into take-home meals for kids.

  4. 4 Policemen found a frozen puppy near a river and saved it. Now the baby has a name, River.

  5. 5 “Forgot about my clothes in a dorm washing machine and found this in its place.”

  6. 6 “Recently I had fallen off the steps with my daughter who has cerebral palsy and was looking for ramp referrals. One man offered his help and installed it for free. Thanks, Gregg!”

  7. 7 “I got a flat tire in an unfamiliar area, and these men stopped and offered to help.”

  8. 8 This is Sophia. She just turned 10 and used her birthday money to purchase toys for the animals at the animal shelter.

  9. 9 “Held the door open for an old lady, and she gave me candy. I’m not sure whose smile was bigger, mine or her’s.”

  10. 10 This police officer is playing with a girl who has just been in an accident so that she can feel better.

  11. 11 “My daughter saved this baby bunny from a cat today.”

  12. 12 “My sister is a volunteer who picks up dogs and gets them to their new forever homes. She drove this gorgeous girl 8 hours to her new home.”

  13. 13 “Found this on the ground outside my dorm.”

  14. 14 “These Romanian kids took the #trashtag challenge without even knowing about it. They were just fed up with the garbage the grownups used to leave on their street.”

  15. 15 “I work at a bar in the evenings, and I’m also fluent in sign language. Tonight a deaf man sat alone in my section, so I chatted with him in sign language. The table next to him noticed it and later I found this on their table.”

  16. 16 “My neighbor saw me having a bad day and gave me treats from his work. This day is already getting better.”

  17. 17 “Someone left some food for homeless people.”

  18. 18 “Today I made 350 seed bombs and filled them with nectar-rich wildflower seed mix to help combat the butterfly and bee population decline. You can disperse them in the neighborhood after the clay hardens so birds won’t get to the seeds.”

  19. 19 “I ran out of fuel on the freeway last night. This guy helped me carry it out to the nearest gas station.”

  20. 20 2 friends turned their van into a laundry service to wash homeless people’s clothes.

  21. 21 This boy accidentally ran over a bird with his bike. He rushed to the nearest hospital and asked for help with all the money he had.

  22. 22 Do you remember the dog named River that was saved by the policemen? She recently celebrated her first birthday.

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