Photos Made With The Reflection And It Seems That They Are From Another Dimension


Nowadays another aspect of photography is playing with reflections and various things whether it’s glass, glass or even water. Which results from these reflections always makes us excited.

  1. 1 A reflection of a tunnel in mirrored sunglasses

  2. 2 The glass gave this guy a different body.

  3. 3 This steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky.

  4. 4 The reflection in this building makes it look like a bad rendering.

  5. 5 The whole street in one glass

  6. 6 This water glass created a fish out of my headphones.

  7. 7 The street lamps made this VW bug look like it has cartoon eyes.

  8. 8 “The reflection of the man to the left of me through this glass partition, coupled with the symmetry of the seats, created a cool ghosting effect.”

  9. 9 This perfect tree reflection

  10. 10 The reflection in these glasses looks like eyes

  11. 11 The reflections on these pots lined up just right.

  12. 12 The reflection in this window perfectly matches an identical, but different color, car.

  13. 13 “At the right time of day, my dog’s favorite napping spot makes him look really magical.”

  14. 14 This reflection of my lamp in my iPhone looks 3D.

  15. 15 “Every time I see this I think that the building is on fire, but it’s just a reflection of the sunset.”

  16. 16 The tapestry above my bed made a pretty sweet reflection in my coffee this morning.

  17. 17 The reflection in the glass replaced the groom with a shark.

  18. 18 Underground water is so still it provides a perfect mirror for the stalactites at Luray Caverns.

  19. 19 The reflection makes this chimpanzee look like he is wearing her dress.

  20. 20 The floor gave these raindrops a checkered pattern.

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