Get To Know Astonishing Facts About Dudes And Lovely Ladies


Men and women brains are designed differently and they function almost opposite, the study revealed. Some interesting key facts are as follows:


In terms of great numbers, the men have the women beat. Women get equal representation in parliament to men in the Nation of Andorra, 56.3% in Rwanda, compared to rest of the world where men got most of the seats. 

  1. 1 MEN are Like BLUETOOTH Whereas WOMEN are Like WIFI

  2. 2 At Least Something Is in Common__LOL

  3. 3 Unspoken Communication

    Women now have higher IQs than men.

    New research has revealed that the two sexes’ brains behave completely different.

    When two women meet each other several unspoken questions hit their minds while men only satisfy with 'hello' or just 'hi'.

  4. 4 How She Thinks Versus How He Thinks

  5. 5 MALE and FEMALE Dictionary

    Women's dictionary is entirely different from men.

    You can read some interesting facts in the image above.

  6. 6 Very Important: Physical Aappearance

    Men and women are different in physical appearances.

    Men look weird in fewer clothes. Meanwhile, females look sexy and playful, they have a wardrobe filled with a range of clothes of different colours and styles.

  7. 7 Here Comes The SEDUCTION Meter

  8. 8 How They React When A friend Finds A Date

  9. 9 How World Reacts Differently For Both

  10. 10 When It Comes To Pack

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