Riddle Photographs That Will Make Your Mind Boggle

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Photographs takes bits and pieces from our life and freezes the moments there and then. They are to remind us of our joys and sorrows and our highs and lows.  Whether good or bad, every taken moment marks a memory in our timeline. 


But sometimes, things don’t go as planned and those photograph fails  turn into a mind boggling ridlle. Compiled below is a collection of such riddles that needs to be resolved. Here you go!

  1. 1 Kissing?

    Dirty minds. It's just a friendly hug to a sobbing friend. The nude back is that of the boy.

  2. 2 Who is holding who?

    She is at the back with legs at front in his lap.

  3. 3 Look at the feet and their legs. Is there another person in between?

    Now that took me a long time to decipher. He is wearing a black and white shorts. Her legs appear right beneath the white part of his shorts.

  4. 4 Does these beautiful legs belong to this man?

    Yes, you have guessed it right. Her head is on the other side.  He is sitting.

  5. 5 Why is she carrying him?

    No. He is carrying her.

  6. 6 Is that a dislocated neck over this broad woman?

    No. There is another woman wearing a white dress at the back of this slender lady.

  7. 7 Is that a young offspring in this kangaroo woman's belly pocket?

    No. The girl with white top is carrying the so appearing kangroo girl on her back.

  8. 8 Is this strange man with a woman's body leaning over a red cushion?

    No. Her head is on the other side of this man with rectangular shoulders.

  9. 9 Why didn't this awkward hairy woman shaved herself? Dirty.....

    The legs are that of a man lying beside them.

  10. 10 Is that a friendly two headed monster woman?

    No. The body of woman on left is hidden back by the front woman

  11. 11 How did he twisted his body while holding her?

    She is actually holding him with his legs straight up,  in black. 

  12. 12 Is this wicked elf man spurring out of the witch's belly like an alien?

    No. He is carrying her on his back.

  13. 13 She's busy reading the magazine and he is hugging her. Right?

    Nah. She has hugged him from back and her face is on the other side.

  14. 14 Creepy two headed creature with a dislocated arm.

    That's an awkward selfie of three girls. The second girl's body and the third girl's head is at the back.

  15. 15 Why does this girl has a male head?

    Okay you witty! by previous practice, you have got that right genius.

  16. 16 Why did he shave his legs?

    I know, this one was easy. 

  17. 17 Why is this strange creature's head located at it's chest?

    The head of woman in pink dress is on the other side

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1.3k shares, 855 points
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