Boyfriends Who Are More Romantic Than A Prince Charming


The real man is always thinking about how he could make his day and his life come true for his couple. They constantly find something small, be it a funny little joke, or a gift that their hearts and souls put into it, romantic men from time to time like to surprise their couple to show their emotions.

  1. 1 “My boyfriend left me the last piece of bacon.”

  2. 2 “My boyfriend of 8 years flew out to surprise me with a proposal in my favorite place.”

  3. 3 I made my girlfriend a sloth ice cream cake for her birthday because she loves ice cream and sloths."

  4. 4 “I replaced my wife’s bathroom scale so that she knows she is always beautiful for me.”

  5. 5 “I’m a rock climber, so my boyfriend had these clay magnets made that look like him and me.”

  6. 6 “I put my life on the line so my girl can have the perfect photo.”

  7. 7 “Message from the gardener... who is also my husband.”

  8. 8 “I made a bench for my wife out of wood I found in the back yard.”

  9. 9 “Made an enchanted rose for my wife...”

  10. 10 “My boyfriend keeps figuring out what outfit I’m wearing out with him and matching it...”

  11. 11 “My boyfriend puts cuticle conditioner on my toenails when I am too tired.”

  12. 12 “My boyfriend knew my old plant stand had broken and that I had nowhere to put my plants, so he made me one!”

  13. 13 “My boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize.”

  14. 14 “My boyfriend surprised me with a fancy schmancy dinner.”

  15. 15 Another fancy dinner from another boyfriend

  16. 16 “My boyfriend is always ready to help me with my craziest ideas.”

  17. 17 And here’s a real prince (without a horse though) helping his princess with her hair

  18. 18 “My boyfriend tried to be cute and replaced a pizza slice with a cupcake.”

  19. 19 “I don’t have much money, so I made my girlfriend a bouquet of paper lilies as a welcome home gift. Think she’ll like them?”

  20. 20 “I didn’t have time to go into town, so I drew a circle on my boyfriend’s hand so he could buy me the correct size hoop earrings.”

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