The Most Terrifying Rides Will Scare Soul Out Of You


We all love thrill and amusement. That’s why most of us are complete fans of amusement parks. We can quit our picnic trips in summers and there is no better way to blow your mind by taking a trip to some theme park. Every year amusement parks around the world try to one-up one another by building bigger, faster and more intense rides. Famous amusement parks have a number of terrific rides that are almost hair-raising.


Many rides have their varying degree of risks but some parks take it to the totally new level. No doubts these rides are extremely scary. But usually, people use to love with being flung around a roller coaster or in a Ferris wheel.

So if you are a thrill seeker and plan to make your holidays perfect involving thrill-infused rides, we can fulfil your appetite for excitement, before you rush down to craziest attractions. Slydor present to you 15 plus scariest park rides on the entire earth. The following rides will take you through crazy loops Don’t freak out, the last one is TOTALLY INSANE, just ENJOY!

  1. 1 Takabisha World’s Steepest Roller Coaster, Japan, Free Falling Angle 121 Degrees, Whooping Top Speed Of 100mph (160 km/h)

  2. 2 Takabisha

  3. 3 Time To Get Sick! Top Of Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas

  4. 4 The Stratopshere Tower

  5. 5 Not For The Faint Hearted, Roller Coaster On The Top Of The Stratosphere Las Vegas

  6. 6 The Cannonball Loop, First Vertical Free Fall, The Tallest, Water Tube Swirled The Riders Into 360 Degree Loops, USA

  7. 7 Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point

  8. 8 The Stealth

  9. 9 Intamin 'HIGH SPEED ACCELERATOR COASTER', World Record Speed (240 km/h – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi) Formula Rossa

  10. 10 Wicked Twister

  11. 11 'SKY TOWER' The World's Scariest Ride

  12. 12 Scariest Ride Ever!! Stratosphere, Las Vegas

  13. 13 Talk About A Thrill! The Diving Roller Coaster Located In Yokohama, Japan, Ride Ends With A Dive Through An Underwater Tunnel

  14. 14 Tower of Terror At Dreamworld Gold Coast, Australia, Ruthless Speed Of 100 m/h, Giving Zero-Gravity Drop

  15. 15 The Intimidator 305, ThrillRide!

  16. 16 The Top Of Ikaros, Face Down Drop

  17. 17 Ikaros INSANE 90 Degree FACE DOWN Drop Ride Grona Lund Sweden

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