Some Things I Found Are Mildly Interesting 30 Snaps


“Some things I found are mildly interesting” This is the main purpose of Reddit’s mildly interesting sub. And Slydor collects 30 snaps from here to make this post.


Imagine what not to do in Singapore is something really interesting to read. Perhaps you won’t believe but this sign is true. In addition, human beings are a curious creature. And they always want things with interesting or different elements. So featuring these slightly alluring snaps is a treat for such buddies. Therefore we are excitingly presenting them to you. People post-striking things here with interesting captions. In short, quite entertaining stuff found that is mildly interesting. Check out the pics. Add them into your collection. Thanks for reading. Here we go:

Source: Reddit




  1. 1 What not to do in Singapore And The Fines For Them - Found In Today’s Newspaper

  2. 2 This Bench Is Dedicated To Someone Who Is Scheduled To Die In 2033

  3. 3 Found This Trash Can At The Park Near Me

  4. 4 Crow Hopped As I Took His Photo

  5. 5 This Tree In The Middle Of Nowhere That People, For Some Reason, Throw Hula Hoops On

  6. 6 Humans Were Free

  7. 7 These Light Projections In Many Modern Car Doors

  8. 8 100 Year Old Passport

  9. 9 Reflection Of Sugar Packets In My Glass Of Water

  10. 10 Government Insect Trap

  11. 11 A Church With No Walls

  12. 12 In Korea They Have Parking Spaces Only For Women

  13. 13 Some Things I Found In A Small Rockpool

  14. 14 The Way The Shadows Hit This Mural

  15. 15 The Way This Tree Collapsed

  16. 16 This Frozen Bush From My Backyard Over The Winter

  17. 17 Same Pictures Painted By A Different Person

  18. 18 A Local Supermarket Sells Bouquets Of Pasta Instead Of Flowers At The Checkout

  19. 19 KylieJenners Instagram Follower Legitimacy

  20. 20 A Double Umbrella

  21. 21 Visited The Black Sand Beach In Iceland, Accidentally Caught The Perfect Time The Sand Flew From My Hand

  22. 22 Lizard Chillin On My Wall

  23. 23 King Pepe In A Children's Hospital Where My Kid Is

  24. 24 Great Name For A Tennis Store

  25. 25 A Box Of Toilet Roll At Work

  26. 26 My Brother Has The Number 5 In The Calcium Deposit On His Fingernail

  27. 27 A Snail With An Extra Door

  28. 28 While Taking A Panoramic Photo, I Captured A Bird Taking Off, And Pooping Mid-Air

  29. 29 The Bowling I Went To Has A Live Fb Like Counting Machine

  30. 30 This Weird Pattern On A Leaf I Found

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