Stalking Russians’ On Social Media Is The Best Stalking In The World


People on social media try to look cool because there’s no one who can explain them. But Russians are the only people who have the guts to look stupid even on social media. Here are some social media pictures of  Russian people that will drive you crazy.

  1. 1 Yes you can only date a cat

  2. 2 Hunting vodka

  3. 3 We were having a word

  4. 4 When I want something from my parents and they simply refuse

  5. 5 What a peaceful background

  6. 6 Take it vertically then maybe it'd be impressing

  7. 7 What are you plans?

  8. 8 Perfect picture of a kissing couple

  9. 9 *Sexy Ladies* wish I could sing it

  10. 10

  11. 11 Beautiful Picture Dear!

  12. 12 Take her to the hospital. It's the time. It's the time.

  13. 13 Wow girls! I really want to clap ..... clap on your face

  14. 14 Russian Summara

  15. 15 She's wearing anti-rape tights, isn't she?

  16. 16 Well looks like this is some kind of paranormal game and the boy is now posessed

  17. 17 We are in POTATO

  18. 18 Hard to explain

  19. 19 He must be crused, The man!

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