What If You Stopped Drinking Water for 7 Days?


Water is an essential thing to live. Our body is 90% of water when we are just born. Adults have more than 70% of water. Women consume 90 ounces of water per day and man consumes 125 ounces of water per day. Let’s see what would happen if you stop drinking water for 7 days.

  1. 1 First of all your urine will become dark when your body feels the lack of water in the body.

    The kidney sends more of this liquid to the blood and as the blood keeps all of the water the urine turns dark yellow. After a day or so without liquid, you will stop peeing at all.

  2. 2 What is more you'll also have trouble swallowing due to lack of water in your body your brain will start to shrink.

    At first, this will be a temporary phenomenon but if you don't recover your water balance the brain may suffer from permanent damage.

  3. 3 Another negative effect of the lak of water will be that your brain will have to work much harder to fulfill even the simplest task.

  4. 4 Your energy level will drop significantly you will start to lose focus easily you will forget things and will become irritable.

  5. 5 As water is supposed to lubricate your joints in the areas between your bones its lac will make your whole body hurt.

    As your bones will grind against each other.

  6. 6 The condition of your skin will get much worse wrinkles and fine lines will become more prominent.

    The skin itself will feel dry and will start to peel away.

  7. 7 You will start to suffer from headaches as your brain have to make a double effort to do anything

  8. 8 Along with the headaches you'll have pain in your eyes there won't be enough water to lubricate them so that will become exceedingly dry.

  9. 9 You will start to gain water weight now this may sound a bit illogical but that's the way your body will try to conserve all the available water to prevent you from severe dehydration.

  10. 10 As a result you'll feel and look bloated you will have great problems with your bathroom schedule.

    As soon as your body realizes that water is missing it will start absorbing more which will make it next to impossible to get rid of waste.

  11. 11 Later symptoms will be muscle spasms and elevated body temperature.

    the blood won't get to the skin and you may turn grayish blue you may faint or even a stroke after a period of 3 to 5 days depending on factors the organs of your body will start to shut down this will lead you to the death.

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