What Would Happen If You Get Stung By 1000 Bees At Once?


In summer you expect to have blooming flowers, perfect sunshine etc. But you get stung by not a single bee but by thousands of them. You will run, cry for help but nothing would help. Let’s see what happens when thousands of bees sting you at once


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Click to see what if you run with the speed of light

  1. 1 Summer is here and that can only mean sunshine, blooming flowers.

  2. 2 And also bees.

  3. 3 What would happen if you get stung by a bee.

  4. 4 Lets have a closer look to see what happens inside the body when a bee stings?

  5. 5 Bee sting contain Melittin which combines with Phospholipase and harm the red blood cells.

  6. 6 Our blood vessel expand which is why bee sting is dangerous to people with low blood pressure.

  7. 7 Though human body of 181 lbs is capable of 1800 bee stings in his whole life but

  8. 8 This all happens when a bee stings you. What would happen if you get stung by thousands of them, you will get serious problems.

  9. 9 Here is first. You will unable to breath properly,

  10. 10 Your kidneys will fail.

  11. 11 You will lose thousands of red blood cells.

  12. 12 and last you will die screaming on bed of hospital if you will reach in hospital luckily.

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