Tall People Share Problems Faced By Them


Being tall is not always cool and handsome. Tall people have a depression of being tall as they face a lot of problems. Here are some problems shared by tall people.

  1. 1 You don't fit in shower

  2. 2 You're larger than your own bed

  3. 3 You don't know how you look

  4. 4 You hair are always dry

  5. 5 You can't have a forehead kiss

  6. 6 You won't have any mirror selfies

  7. 7 You don't fit in car

  8. 8 You shouldn't appear in group photos

  9. 9 Low ceilings

  10. 10 You have to stand in the back of group photos

  11. 11 You don't fit in foreign cars

  12. 12 Tall people books

  13. 13 Hugging someone

  14. 14 You're the selfie stick

  15. 15 You have to be Green Giant on Halloween

  16. 16 You can look in any dressing room

  17. 17 You have to sit on your knee

  18. 18 You always get stuck like this

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