Terrible Projects That Made Us Doubt Our Fashion!


If you are a connoisseur of beauty, then the things presented in this post will cause you to have conflicting feelings. On the one hand, it is obvious that the authors of these masterpieces of design ideas approached their creation with a soul since all of them are skillfully executed. But, on the other hand, their very existence suggests that for some designers the fantasy is too violent. After all, otherwise it is difficult to come up with nails, cigarettes, shrekomobil or underwear for a cat.



  1. 1 We aren’t exactly sure if the cat is happy or hates its underwear.

  2. 2 When you feel the feelings of every flower

  3. 3 “Thanks, Grandma!”

  4. 4 “This Shrek car rolled into work today.”

  5. 5 Is this really the best place for a toilet?

  6. 6 This is the longest tag we’ve ever seen.

  7. 7 This Titanic blow-up slide

  8. 8 How do you like this nail style?

  9. 9 A Volkswagen Beetle-bike

  10. 10 Who had this idea?

  11. 11 This is both really weird and attractive.

  12. 12 Ready for takeoff?

  13. 13 Why carry keys in your hand if you can just do this?

  14. 14 Denim boots...elegant?

  15. 15 Lobster bike

  16. 16 It must be really hard to rub off the splatters.

  17. 17 Thank goodness these aren’t trendy anymore.

  18. 18 It would be scary to see this on a highway.

  19. 19 This is an actual phone you can use!

  20. 20 This is really surrealistic.

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