The Game Of Most WTF Photos Is Not Over


Guys! The game of most WTF photos isn’t really over yet. A three-eyed snake or a dead blown up whale is enough to get a cringe. Moreover, what the fu** this turtle is doing in the first phot? Don’t really know but it’s highly unexpected. 


Further scrolling down will explore more omg and crazy stuff to you. For instance, 32 lane traffic in Azerbaijan has no point when it’s blocking traffic ahead.

A few phenomenons remain unsolved. Like scary looking thing standing in the middle of woods in the 5th picture. Hell yea, that thing has nothing to do with nature. 

Just click ahead and see what Slydor found in WTF collection today. Taking a thorough look will make you say ‘the game of WTF photos isn’t really over’.

  1. 1 That turtle is into the horse

  2. 2 The teeth of the Triggerfish

  3. 3 Here's a horse

  4. 4 Lego in real life

  5. 5 Instant Heart Attack if you see this at night

  6. 6 Passed this class in a glass on the way home

  7. 7 This is happening in my bathroom right now

  8. 8 Dead whale filled with gas, on the brink of exploding

  9. 9 MAD MAX USA

  10. 10 I wondered what happened to scuba Steve?

  11. 11 The rarely spotted Reverse Unicorn

  12. 12 Your skin after penetrated by a needle

  13. 13 It'll save money....I promise

  14. 14 This wolf bottle my father owns

  15. 15 Inflatable SLOTH

  16. 16 Wtf is that in my egg? Looks like a worm?

  17. 17 This thing that i found in an antique shop

  18. 18 Utterly terrifying clown on a Facebook page for secondhand finds

  19. 19 32-Lane traffic in Baku, Azerbaijan

  20. 20 How to beat the heat when your car A/C goes out

  21. 21 Nah, I don't need free delivery!

  22. 22 A 3 eyed snake discovered in Australia

  23. 23 I look every time before drinking after seeing this

  24. 24 This is at my local very run down Taco Bell. Been like this for weeks, they just added the nice sign

  25. 25 The Ducklet, a half duck, half pig

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