These 30 Things Are Next Level


Amazingly these 30 things are of the next level. Exactly high-level creativity makes them up to mark. Slydor gets them from r/ATBGE which is famous for such photos.


Several times an awful idea execute greatly. And it astonishes you a lot. In particular, the chair that is made with cow horns is turn out splendidly. Moreover, the metallic Michael Jackson is a masterpiece itself. All 30 things are clearly of next level of cleverness. Now you have to jump into this post. Check them out. And grab your favorite ones. Scroll over guys and enjoy the artistry. Thanks for reading.

Source: Reddit


  1. 1 Metallic Micheal Jackson

  2. 2 These Muscle Leggings

  3. 3 Loo Paper Earrings

  4. 4 Feeling A Little Frisky

  5. 5 This Chair Made Out Of Cow Horns

  6. 6 Finger

  7. 7 Staring Into The Horizon

  8. 8 Fabric Pads, Kiss Style

  9. 9 Cool, Fresh Haircut

  10. 10 Spider Gate, Spider Gate

  11. 11 I Don’t Even Know

  12. 12 Lettuce Ponder

  13. 13 The Hair Cut On This Doggo

  14. 14 Skull Van

  15. 15 Chocolate Pickles Anyone?

  16. 16 Ice Cream Burger

  17. 17 Say No More

  18. 18 These Doll Lip Earrings

  19. 19 John Hammond’s Hood Ornament

  20. 20 These Joots

  21. 21 When Soccer Moms Are Also Dead Heads

  22. 22 Mannequin

  23. 23 Imagine This Chair, But, Walls

  24. 24 This Metallica Poster

  25. 25 Face All Over A Shirt

  26. 26 This Mailbox

  27. 27 Oh Ok, Yeah Lets Just Have A Guy Spit Out An Entire Fountain

  28. 28 That Is Awesome!!

  29. 29 When The TV Doesn’t Work

  30. 30 Possibly An Improvement

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